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Create your online auctions immediately and share them with your users using the Müzayede APP software infrastructure under your own domain name.

Online Application
Fast and Safe

Müzayede APP offers your users a fast and secure online auction experience.

Modern Design

The interface, prepared by following modern trends, creates an easily understandable, user-friendly platform.

Continuous Improvement

Müzayede App infrastructure is constantly improved and responds immediately to new technology and user needs.

Bring your online auctions to mobile platforms!

Müzayede APP Mobile Application allows your users to do everything they can do on a PC from mobile platforms such as phones and tablets.

  • Notifications

    Müzayede APP application sends notifications to your users when the current status of the products they follow and bid on the site changes and when a new auction is added..

  • User-friendly design

    Müzayede APP was developed with its simple and easy-to-use design and operation so that users can review your auctions and bid on mobile devices.

  • Development

    An application that is at peace with new technologies and never lags behind with constant updates.

How does the system work?

First of all, Müzayede APP does not become a partner in your business! It just helps your business reach more people and grow!

There are 3 simple steps to use the Müzayede APP infrastructure with cloud feature under your own domain name.

1. Complete the user form.

2. Make EFT/MONEY TRANSFER for the installation fee to the bank account whose information is specified. Don't forget to add your own user code to the description section of the receipt.


Online Application

Technicial Specifications

Creating AuctionsThe start and end dates of the auction, buyer and seller commissions are determined (A user-specific commission can also be determined). The process is completed by uploading the previously prepared Excel file containing the descriptions of the auction lots and the photos of the products (more than one photo can be added for a product) to the system. The system completes the auction and prepares reports at the end of the auction, without the need for any intervention.
Online Bid CollectingAutomatically processing the bids from users and determining the current price.
Live AuctionThe live auction begins immediately after pre-bid purchases are completed. Lots are offered to users one by one and bids are received this way.
“Offer Passed” NotificationSending notification to the user who bids, follow etc. on any lot regarding the current status of the product (current bid, follow-up, etc.).
Buyer and Seller ReportsAfter the auction is completed, final reports can be printed or sent via e-mail to the buyers and sellers participating in the auction.
Pre-AccountingModule where customers' debt and credit records are kept and related reports can be obtained.
Credit Card Virtual POS Integration
Automatic Auction Catalog Creation (PDF)
Hall Auction Management
Updating Site Contents from the Admin Panel
Instant Auction Tracking
Verifying User Phone via SMS
Multi-Language Support
Automatic Currency Converter
Buy Now
Unlimited Maintenance and Support Service
Continuous Development Service
Free Server Service
Real Time Statistics
Use With Your Private Domain Name
Visibility in Müzayede APP Mobile Application


Müzayede App Setup (30.000 TL)

  • Kurulum ücreti bir defaya mahsus ödenmektedir.

Auction With Live (2.000 TL)

  • Canlı video özelliği dahil.

Auction With Live - Package 1 (1.500 TL)

  • Minimum 4 adet alınabilir.
  • Müzayedeler 30 gün içinde açılmalı ve 40 içinde tamamlanmalıdır.
  • 30 gün içinde kullanılmayan müzayede hakları silinir.
  • Canlı video özelliği dahil.

Auction With Live - Package 2 (1.000 TL)

  • Minimum 10 adet alınabilir.
  • Müzayedeler 30 gün içinde açılmalı ve 40 içinde tamamlanmalıdır.
  • 30 gün içinde kullanılmayan müzayede hakları silinir.
  • Canlı video özelliği dahil.

Auction With Live - Monthly Limitless (20.000 TL)

Product (Buy Now) (5 TL)

Product (Buy Now) - Package (1 TL)

  • Minimum 5.000 adet alınabilir.

Mobil Uygulama Slider Reklamı (2.000 TL)

  • Geçici bir süreyle 2.000 TL'ye satılacaktır.
  • Seçtiğiniz müzayede 48 saat slider alanında gösterilir.

Our prices do not include 20% VAT.

VAT will be added at time of Invoicing.

Businesses providing services with Müzayede APP infrastructure

We have been setting standards with our experienced team that has been developing auction software since 2006.

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